Oxen Yoke Inn & Motel welcomes inquiries and visits from working media, and is happy to provide any assistance we can to assist with your assignment. To coordinate your visit, please contact Frank Guerriero, Director of Marketing and Communications with your media affiliation, assignment details, and any specific needs you may have for your story. In support of your assignment and depending on availability, we are able to offer complimentary or discounted lodging for working media members. Due to high occupancy rates, we typically are unable to provide lodging on weekend days or during holiday periods.

Photo/Video Productions
If you are interested in hosting a photo shoot or video production at Oxen Yoke Inn & Motel, please contact the Marketing and Communications office at 603.374.6500 (x) 1185.

Oxen Yoke Inn & Motel
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Contact: Ace Tarberry
Marketing Coordinator
603.356.6321 (6429)